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Feb 16, 2014 - Buhel - Short Widget Example

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Feb 16, 2014 - Pebble Smart Watch

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Jul 27, 2009 - Moving on and Darkfall Online

Well, after over four solid years of playing World of Warcraft a handfull of the core members of Park Balance have decided to move on. The generally concensus is that Blizzard is gearing this game too much towards the massive casual audience and away from the hardcore serious players. Our acomplishments in the game seem less and less significant and as the game evolves into an adventure style RPG with unbalanced PVP we feel our time can be better spent elsewhere.

I for one am keeping Shore, I will not sell trade or give away my account. I made that decision long ago. I am going to say at this point the chances of me playing WoW again are slim, but I do look forward to Diablo III and I hope we can regroup as a guild for it. I really appreciate many of the relationships I have built in this guild over the years and I hope we can stay in touch via the forums.

In the meantime I am enjoying the summer (record breaking heat at the moment, over 110 degrees!) and the time I haven\\\'t spent working or in the sun has been playing a game called Darkfall Online. Its a fairly small MMO but it has been done very well. Somewhat of a diamond in the rough. It has taken them years and years to devolop this game, prior to burning crusade there was a lot of hype around it but it died out after years of no launch date. Well its out now, with a european and a north american server. The north american server is only 2 weeks old so its an excellent time to start. We have a clan alliance in the game, which is what our ventrillo server is being used for at the moment. A handfull of the Park Balance core are playing together and we welcome anyone interested to check the game out and join us. I can say with confidence I have had more fun playing this game in the last two weeks than I have had playing wow since the first week in Kharazan after TBC launch.

The website for Darkfall is

Its a very competative PvP game, you only get one character you can level up all the skills you want (you can be a tank, a caster, a melee dps, bow dps all in one character) Its first person shooter style pvp, meaning you have crosshairs and have to aim your bow/sword/spell. Its a very complex game which is difficult to learn, however with all your friends already experienced at it you will have a significant advantage which is another great reason to play! I have only been playing since the North American launch and with Mek, Dorro and Obsiden\'s coaching me I am already above the skill level of a lot of the \"Euro vets\" as we call them. (European server came out 3 months before North American server)

Hope to see you on darkfall, please drop by the forums and keep in touch!


Posted By: Shore ~ Edited by: Shore on Jul 27, 2009

Jun 02, 2009 - Park Balance Retires From Heroic Raiding

The leadership team of Park Balance has decided to retire from 25 man raiding for this summer. There is a very good possibility we will re-commence heroic raiding in September. For now we are looking forward to enjoying the summer and a stress free gaming experience. Much of the core will be staying and progressing through 10 man Ulduar Hardmodes and focusing more specifically on Arena PVP. I would like to thank everyone who worked hard to get us back on our feet over the last few months and I apologize for the outcome.

Posted By: Shore

May 08, 2009 - General Vezax down

12/14 Easymode Ulduar

Posted By: Shore

May 01, 2009 - Thorim SS + Mimiron Down

11/14 Easymode Ulduar

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Apr 25, 2009 - Freya pic!


Posted By: Shore ~ Edited by: Shore on Apr 25, 2009

Apr 24, 2009 - Hodir and Freya Down

Unfornatly no screenshots (Both bodies despawned pretty fast). Here is a picture of Freya to make you feel warm inside.

Posted By: Shore

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