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The Rise of Weedbeard
This is a video from an enhancement shaman perspective. I started with the idea of a super montage, and spawned this movie from it. its got a rather lengthy intro, and its different to say the least, but it is definitely a good watch. I put 5 different teams in the meat of the video (our matches don't last too long ) all of these were shot post 2.4 and in the range of 2050-2150 rating in the 3v3 bracket:
1. Warlock/Warlock/Priest
2. Priest/Mage/Rogue
3. Paladin/Warlock/Warrior
4. SPriest/Mage/Rogue
5. Warlock/Hunter/Druid

Enhancement Shaman Perspective
Author: Weedbeard
Upload Date: April 15th 2008
Nagrand Griefers
2v2 Arena
Movie Fimled by Jerein and Obsiden on BG Rampage. All clips are 2100+ rated. Sponsored by Park Balance.

Mage Rogue Perspective
Author: Jerein
Upload Date: March 30th 2008